Careway - Kingsland Physio and Massage
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Careway at Kingsland Physio

What is careway?

Careway is an ACC funded programme that provides kiwis with better and faster access to healthcare services for their injuries. Careway is an escalated care pathway which allows for faster and improved care from injury to diagnosis to imaging, surgery (if needed) and to rehabilitation that you need.

Careway covers four main body parts (Shoulder, knee, ankle,and spine [lumbar and cervical spine]). The goal of the pathway is to improve overall wellbeing and outcomes for these common injury sites. Careway includes a team of dedicated physiotherapists, sports physicians and orthopeadicsurgeons who support your goals and will design a recovery plan that meets your needs. Whilst on the program you will receive the care and services most appropriate for your needs when you need it.


Who can access careway?

Careway is designed for specific injuries related to the Shoulder, knee, ankle, and spine (lumbar and cervical spine), that cannot be successfully managed by primary care alone and who would benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to their care. This includes medical advice to rehabilitation and for those who need it surgery.

Most pathways require a Physiotherapist or GP assessment to ensure you meet the inclusion criteria/ Some pathways however, do require a specialist opinion prior to acceptance and your Physiotherapist can discuss this with you.


What services will I have access to?

Orthopaedic Surgeons
Sports Physicians
Vocational therapists
Pain management Specialists.


How long does the program take?

Clients will remain under the careway pathway until they meet clinical objectives which are related to improving mobility, strength, pain reduction, returning to work/independence and achieve their goals.


How much does the program cost?

The careway escalated care pathway is a fully funded by ACC so there is no cost for the appointments with your Physiotherapist, sports physician or orthopaedic surgeon. However, there may be some small associated costs for materials such as braces and exercises equipment if required for your rehabilitation.


Lauren Mackessack-Leitch

Lauren Mackessack-Leitch

BSc (Hons) Physio, Mat & Reformer Pilates Accredited

Lauren has been working in the private sector, with interests mostly in MSK, sports, biomechanics and long term pain. She graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2017 with an honours in Physiotherapy. Since then Lauren has trained in both mat and reformer Pilates and used this as part of her rehabilitation process.

Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards

BHSc (Physio), PGCert (Western Acup)

Helen has practiced in the private sector for the past 8 years and has extensive experience in specialty areas including sporting injuries, spinal dysfunction, Pilates, pregnancy and post-natal assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.

Janaka Radich

Janaka Radich

BHSc (Physio) MPNZ, COMT

Janaka specialises in treating sporting and complex spinal injuries and has a keen interest in manual therapy and acupuncture completing post-graduate courses in osteopathic manipulation and muscle energy techniques.