Lauren Mackessack-Leitch - Kingsland Physio and Massage
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Lauren Mackessack-Leitch

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Mat & Reformer Pilates Accredited

Lauren has been working in private practice, with interests mostly in musculoskeletal, sports, biomechanics and long term pain. She graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2017 with an honours in Physiotherapy. Since then Lauren has trained in both mat and reformer Pilates and used this as part of her rehabilitation process.

She has done placements in Spinal cord injuries in London Orthopaedic hospital, worked in paediatric placements and cardiopulmonary. These placements allowed Lauren to learn more about mobilisations, hydrotherapy and particular hands on approaches to help individuals.

Lauren has also worked with top football teams and rugby teams in Auckland.

Lauren is a big advocate of treating the body as a whole and addressing other factors that could be resulting in the injury or pain, this could be through exercise, nutrition or lifestyle balance. She believes on a hands on approach alongside exercise prescription give effective and most importantly long term relief.

Lauren represented Great Britain for Figure Skating from ages of 13-18, this has allowed her to have a great understanding of weight controlled sports, development of teenagers in high level sport and energy deficiencies.

She has done other various sports over the years which includes- ballet, gymnastics, rowing and horse riding- this allows her to have a great understanding of how the bodies biomechanics should be whilst performing different sports.

Lauren is now currently pursing her fitness passions in endurance triathlons and has just completed a full Ironman, alongside other triathlons races- this has given her a different perspective on long term load on the body alongside injury prevention and biomechanics in swim, bike and run.