Massage Therapy Kingsland, Morningside, Auckand - Kingsland Physio and Massage
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We offer massage therapy in Kingsland and Morningside, Auckland.

Whether you are an athlete or training to stay fit and healthy, massage therapy can release tight muscles, relieve aches and pains, increase mobility and minimise your risk of injury by supporting healthy muscle tissue and joints. Research has shown massage to improve circulation, boost energy levels and reduce stress.

Sports and deep tissue massage

Regular sports/ deep tissue massage will speed up your recovery, condition muscles, free up stiff joints and will leave you feeling brand new!


Therapeutic massage relaxes the body and mind. It has been shown to reduce stress by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system and increasing serotonin whilst reducing cortisol levels!. Most people live busy hectic lives, massage will restore your natural balance. Our massage therapist will leave you feeling on cloud 9!

Myofascial release

With myofascial release, gentle, sustained pressure is applied to loosen and lengthen the constricting fascia. During this time, the massage therapist may work on breaking down adhesions between the tissues. It may take several minutes for each specific area to be worked on for the tissues to be softened which can reduce pain and restore range of motion.

Pregnancy and post – natal

Pregnancy should be a joy – a process of transformation and preparation! To keep yourself and baby in optimum health, a regular specialized pregnancy massage will make sure you have a pain-free healthy pregnancy and a great birth! The massage is moderated week to week according to the developments of your body as it moves through the 40 weeks gestation.

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Sourav Gupta

Sourav Gupta

Massage therapist

Sourav specialises in treating patients with musculoskeletal problems by using hands-on techniques like releasing superficial to deep tissue layers, muscle stretching, and release trigger points to enhance muscle recovery. He encourages regular exercise, posture correction, healthy dietary habits and general fitness.

Emma Mclean

Emma Mclean

Massage Therapist

Emma is a passionate Massage Therapist with over 18 years experience. She offers a range of modalities from Sports and Therapeutic massage, Pregnancy and Postnatal and Myofascial release. She is also trained to offer pregnancy yoga support one on one.